Austrian folk meets Cul-de-Paris

Finally I can show some clothes!

It's been about two years now that I made this dirndl dress. If you think of Oktoberfest now, get out ;) No, this one is a traditional costume, typical for the village my grandparents come from.
I don't wear it that often, so I never managed to take some Pics.
But yesterday was the "graduation" of some friends, which was the perfect excuse to wear my dirndl (for heaven's sake, we're in Bavaria ;) )

I was very proud yesterday, not only did some very sweet friends of mine graduate, one of them also wore a skirt I made for her. She's a really creative person and we had soo much fun designing and sewing the skirt! It was a real benefit for both of us. She'll move to Hamburg soon (the day after tomorrow, I think!!) So it was kind of a farewell-gift :(

Dirndlgwand, Innviertler Alltagstracht

It's made of brown and light blue cotton with little flowers on it, the brown fabric has the flowers in the same shade of blue than the main colour of the blue fabric and vice versa.
For the dress I used the brown fabric, for the apron the blue fabric. This combination is typical for the region "Innviertel".
(I didn't make the blouse I'm wearing)

The seams are doubled with light blue Passepoils, and I really like the back!

And some detailled pics:

I found those gorgeous buttons, they just fit perfectly. They have those little flowers on them too!

Passepoile and self made bias tape

Buttons and Passepoiles on the front

Back with the accurate pleats

The technique how to make those aprons is rather interesting: You sew a chequered piece of fabric on the back of the apron, and the (by hand) you sew 6 lines where you always stitch accurately on the same point into the fabric and out again (hence the plaid, so you can see that you are in line) with strong yarn. Then you can pull those strings and - it's magical ;) - you get those really great tiny pleats. It's called "stifteln" and you need to be very patient for this work. One false stitch and you would have to start again, because you would see the irregularities.

Grey CuldeParis-wannabe
For and with my friend A. we made this great skirt. It's inspired by the CuldeParis thingies.
(Like me, she switched to boots more comfy at this time of the evening ;) To the ceremony she wore wonderful black boots.)

The hem is about 6m wide, so it looks really nice when moving :)
Underneath we sewed a fake underskirt made of lining fabric and black tulle, everything by hand of course so you don't see it on the outside.

The fabric is woollen "Fischgrat" in grey and black, on the back a drapery with a brooche made of tulle, another brooche on the skirt and on her shirt.

Thanks for three wonderful years!


Kitty Bat - Jewelry Swap

Long time no see,

today I wanna show you the results of the recent Jewelry Swap on NuS.

Here's the stuff I made for trisha:

A velvet choker in black and violet, with two music charms dangling on beaded strings and a tiny bat in the middle.

Two hairclips/bobby pins, one with another bat and one with an EmilyStrange Kitty, again with beads :)

And the matching Kitty-ring :)

To see more and better pics and find out, what she made for another user (one word: steampunk!), check out her blogentry :)

And, not to forget, Absinthia made a wonderful blackandwhite necklace and a bracelet for me. It's made of heavy glass beads and looks absolutely gorgeous. Thanks again!