Dress project - pattern and button *heart*

Hello my dear readers,

Since I'm waiting and waiting and waiting for the fabric for this dress to arrive, I thought I could show you how far I prepared everything till now :)

The dress will be a present (I'll tell you the whole story when I'm done).
First I made a couple of scribbles (I didn't draw the figurines, google was my friend and helper^^ )

With some help from fellow seamstresses I decided to sew pattern 2.
I will use jersey fabric for the dress.

That's approximately the "pattern".
But time showed: I don't need the darts, a nicely drawn curve will do. But 15cm are far too small, I should better make it 20. At least. Don't know why I wrote 15cm.
And thenI bought this great button *love*
It's made from mother-of-pearl, some stone resembling to coral and something grey (lalala).
I want to put it in the front as decoration, non functional. Hopefully it will look nice with the fabric, otherwise... Well, I would need a new button^^.

There will be a lot of secret decoration on the inside, I'll show you when the secret project is finished :)



Welcome Presents :)

My best friend had her baby a couple of weeks ago.

A darling little baby girl *heart*

Since she herself is a very talented seamstress plus she did already knit the cuuutest clothes for her baby girl, I planned to sew presents, which aren't clothing ;)

So I made two tiny bags for the Mum and Baby's first book for the baby girl.

Finally an excuse to buy a lot of great fabric!

For example this mushroom fabric I used for the smaller one:

and this one with the birds, white with violet birds on it,

The same fabric but "inverse" wanted to be the outer fabric for the bigger bag:

uuuh, what's in it?

A book!
One side is pink with teddy bears and flowers in it:

And the other side is blue with animals and flowers.
My favourite, I admit.

Zebra and mouse:

tiger (aaawwwww) and mouse

chick and hedgehog

and a baby seal.

And that's what it looks like when you open it:

It's mildly stuffed and you can even put it in the washing machine :)

Congrats again to your darling little daughter, dear K. !



Still alive and kicking.

Yes, I'm still there ;)

But I'm not sewing much these days.
Working and preparing for exams takes a lot of time ;)

So today I've got a nice video suggestion for you:

It's in german, I think it's also available in french.

Yesterday evening ARTE had this wonderful documentary about lingerie and dessous.
You can watch it online here: