Latex isn't evil anymore.

Wohooo, my first necklace made of latex!

A friend of mine, a very talented artist btw, promised to show me how to work with latex. So last week we had a nice afternoon with tea and sweets and I treated myself with a cute latex necklace with a bow :)

It's very simple, it was my first piece and I think most of the work did my friend K. anyway - but I had a hard work with "looking and learning" anyway.

She left some of the latex and the glue and polishing stuff, so I can make some matching wristbands or another necklace.

It's a very new experience for me, usually I do sew everything and I'm not used to glueing stuff, but it looks very cute I think!

Black Latex Necklace with a black and white Latex Bow:


Thursday is knitting day!

Last week I had a lovely knitting time in college, and I thought I could make this a nice new tradition.
So from now on, thursday (= theory day) is my knitting day!

I love crafting when having to listen and learn in college. And don't get dizzy and my thoughts don't drool off at all.

So, yesterday I prepared my new project: Woollen leg warmers.
I knitted the first few centimeters up to the red part.

And today in college I added 29 more centimeters, yay!

I'm using very easy patterns only, so I can concentrate on the lecture and don't have to look at my knitting.

I think I'll have the first legwarmer finished after the next theory day!




Nothing to wear, aaah!

It's getting colder and darker and autumn kinda looks like winter already.
And I just don't have enough warm clothes.
Very funny, considering I've lived in the mountains for some years... But I think I just wore the same pants day after day after day. And it was so much colder, I didn't need any of this cozy stuff, I just needed WARM CLOTHES no matter how Michelin-look-a-like I felt in them.

But I'm back in Linz, no more mountains for me (*sniff*) and I need nice and comfy clothes for temperatures around 10°.

I'm planning some trousers and I'll be buying leggings* soon, to wear underneath a couple of new skirts.

So, I need your help now. 
I bought this wonderful fabric last year, wool-poly-sth, really soft and cozy and soooooo nice.
I need a skirt.
Fabric + Pattern = skirt.
I've got the fabric, I want the skirt - I lack the pattern!

Any ideas? I don't need an existing pattern, I'll take drawings, descriptions, holograms... as well.

And if you know any easy (=fast and simple to sew) patterns for pants ;) Not to use with this fabric, of course.

And, if possible, it shouldn't exactly make my hips any bigger. But I think that's not really possible with a fabric this thick... But just in case ;)

(College really makes me sooo creative! I could study microscopy stuff right now, but I'm so into this skirt atm... ;) )

*the last time I wore leggings, I was in kindergarden. seriously. I hate them.
But I think "not freezing to death" is a nice occasion to get over with some childhood traumata...




1 Thursday equals one cozy arm warmer

I'm learning a lot of new stuff in college. For example: One hardcore day of Theory lectures provides enough time to knit a whole arm warmer.
(I'm not exactly a fast knitter, so you can imagine my thursday was pretty long^^)

And I really like the yarn *heart*
It's sheep wool mixed with bamboo. Soooo nice.

And what am I knitting next week?
It's got to be something simple so I can concentrate on the lecture.

So no pullovers or lace knitting ;)

Have a nice weekend,



not being biased against bias tape

Some progress with my Dirndl vest!

I've been sick for about a week now, but today I found some time and strength to work on my Dirndl.

First I cut and sew together a lot of bias tape, using the same fabric as used in the vest. Doesn't look that spectacular...

Then I closed the shoulder seams and I'm very happy with the results. The braids overlap perfectly and you really don't see the seam that much.

As you see in this picture I've already sewn the bias tape to the neckline.

Those two steps were the first ones actually using a sewing machine in this project!

 Next step is sewing the bias binding per hand to the lining and with this step finishing the neckline.



zoom zoom zoom,
I actually made some progress with my dirndl :)

I've sewn the braids onto the top, and I did this, not that typical for me, per mano.

But it just doesn't look right when you see the stitches, so I decided to sew them onto the fabric per hand, and the stitches are invisible now :)

Took me really long time, but I really like it.
Yeah, it looks crooked, but the top is still just pinned together ;)
Next thing is making the bias tape and - again - a lot of hand sewing.

Will take me a while, college keeps me busy. I hope you don't get bored ;)


cats are a huge help.

Yesterday I had to sew curtains. The fabric was really heavy and nasty, thick black fireproof molton. 
It really took me some organisational skills to manage the 30m² of fabric. 
But fortunately my cats were a huge help. They decided that every nasty fabric can be improved when adding some spoonfuls of cathair.

So, they threw one of the curtains down on the floor. For about 10 mins, nothing happened. Then Isaac went to the big pile of fabric and started sniffing it - ahaaaa, Marie was IN the pile! I kneeled down on the floor and saw a tiny bit of her nose.

Hilarious, so I fetched my cam. In the meantime, she started crawling out of her nest.

Isaac was very concerned. 


Finally she managed to get out. Isaac still plays ancient egypt cat and doesn't move.

Marie walks into the kitchen, Isaac moves for the first time.


Meow, lost my sister, meow!

Cutest Cats ever.

Oh, and the curtains are done :)
After doing some work for college I hope to find some time to do a few stitches on my dirndl.