something sweet

I just HAVE to post those pics.

On Friday a very good friend of mine threw a theme party: She and her roommate finally got a new kitchen. So the guests should wear something that remotely looks like something to eat. Or just bring food.
No need to say that I didn't want to go there just my normal self!

I thought about what to wear and then a friend and me came up with this idea: I dressed up as "something sweet". Like, you're sitting on the couch and then you think "hmmm, I need something sweet." Cupcakes, chocolate, sugar... like that.

Unfortunately I didn't think of taking pics _before_ going to the party. So, I dressed up at 6pm and came home at 2am - after standing in the street waiting for my cab for 15min.
Since it snowed a lot, my hair's all wet and my face shiny and my makeup a bit worn out, BUT still I think I look pretty cute.

So, have a look at a new me:
Princess denocte *grin*

I don't have any pics of the whole outfit, but I think you get the point.

I wore the same skirts and boots as in my "goodbye violin" outfit.

Hope you like it!



After my first week of regular work I had a wonderful weekend with my bf and his parents in the very eastern region of Austria, Burgenland.
Very flat, very special, very beautiful.
Very good wine.

I'm busy crafting all the time, but since most of the projects are christmas presents I can't post them yet. So there'll be a lot of news in January ;)