Birds and Flowers - Skirts btw ;)

My sis and me found this reaaally cute childrens' fabric.
Awww! Birds and Flowers and Aaaww!
Great as she is, my sis bought it and I made a simple skirt for the summer for her.
Very simple, so I don't have to cut through all those cute birds ;)
There's a zip fastener in one of the seams.

Cute birds:

This second skirt was a tryout, but it's nice to wear on hot summer days :)
I used light blue polkadot cotton fabric and added some crocheted blue flowers :)




I saw this wonderful fabric, cotton with tiny blue flowers on it, and knew I had to make a wonderful summer dress.
The fabric is really thin, so the dress is doubled with white cotton from bust to hip :)

Very fairylike the seam is uneven and a bit longer on the back.

I added a small locket-look-a-like charm with flowers on the front because my sister doesn't like to wear necklaces, voilà - the dress already comes with jewelry ;)

Hope you like it, me and my sis do ;)



Underbust Corset + blouse

I don't know why the pics are so fuzzy :( please just klick and open them in a new tab. :(

This spring I noticed, that I don't have any corset-thingy to wear with pants.
Well, I always love reasons to sew corsets!
So I bought a wonderful fake velours-leather fabric and silk satin fabric, being very pleased that the brown leather has a faint shade of burgundy which fits perfectly to the satin.

The blouse can't be worn without the corset, because it fits really tight around the belly *g* which would look strange without the corset. But so you don't find too much extra fabric in the belly area when wearing the corset, which I think makes everything look smoother.

I added two brownish/burgundy buttons and a tiny clasp, at the back it's closed with a zip and I added another button there :)
The seam is braided.

Well - I REALLY should have ironed the blouse before taking pictures *shame* Please just ignore all the wrinkles, thanks ;)

Although I have rather (in my teenie days this would have been called "J.Lo-hips) prominent hips, I like the shape this gives me. Hourglass shapes for president!


Teaser - lots of clothes coming.

My sis and I finally had time to spend some hours outside and take pictures of a lot of older and new clothes I made.
Stay tuned!


Officer, really, I DIDN'T speed!

Money presents don't always have to be lame.
For a dear friend who is in Police Academy and will be Officer S. in 1,5 years, I made this cute little car :) (find the tutorial here)
Of course we bought the policeman and the speed trap (both Playmobil).


kitten longshirt

My girl kitten is very fashion addicted. She's always watching me when designing or sewing.
So I had to sew a comfy shirt, perfect for the cold summer mornings or just cuddling with my dear ones on the couch.
Its got overlong sleeves, because I tend to have cold hands.

I bought this fabric to sew some summer clothes, but it's a bit too thick, so it's perfect for this project. And it's the same colour as maries fur! How cool's that!

Ahhh, so soft!


boots for the little ones.

Since I want to destash my yarn, I started a little project.
I'm knitting tiny baby socks/boots for all the soon-to-be-mommies in my second home, the NatronundSoda community.

The first three pairs of boots are already on their way!
At least four pairs will follow :)

It's a win-win-win situation: I'm knitting, which makes me happy. Friends are receiving gifts, which (hopefully) makes them happy. I'm using up all my small amounts of yarn, so I don't have to throw them away - makes the environment happy *G*

My wonderful model Hoppel the Rabbit proudly presents:

Quote: She's addicted to jam.

That's what my bf said, after taking a look at our kitchen:

In the middle of the night I simply HAD TO make a new batch of plum jam.
Again I did only use homegrown fruit, this time the old plum tree is standing in my grandparents' garden.
The fruit were really very ripe, so I didn't have time to wait till the next morning. Midnight jam-session XD
Out of roundabout 4,5kg fruit I made nine big jars and 3 little try-outs, unfortunately the lid doesn't close well enough on those cute little glasses :(
But my gran told me a little secret, and I hope I can use this old secret to fill my next jam (apple-cinnamon) in those darling little glasses.


fruit and vegetable, orange and green.

Ooooh, finally I had the excuse to make a looooad of jam. Apricot jam. Mjam!

There's this region in Austria, the "Wachau", where the best apricots ever are grown.
Traditionally, my grandpa and my uncle go there in the summer and buy about 50-60kg of apricots from a farmer for our families.
This year my parents are out of town BUT - tadaa, I'm here!
So I offered to cook jam for my parents and me and my BF.

And this is it: 5kg of fruit + sugar = about 7kg of jam *nomnom*
And about 4kg more are in the freezer *hrhr*

I hope that a lot of jam cooking will follow this year, since my father recently owns a garden with some apple trees, raspberries, strawberries, zucchinies...

So, thats the fruit part of this post, but I do have some vegetables to spam about too *G*
People who know me heard of my almost legendary inability to grow any plants. They always turn brown, or black, or yellow, or... well, plants don't like me.
But somehow I broke this curse!

Look! Tomatoes! THREE nice, sweet, small, fresh tomatoes! And one's already orange! I'm so happy xD
They even survived the move and everything :)

And I'm proud to present this little fella too, basil in a can. Thankyou A. for this sweet little gift, it's doing perfectly fine here in Austria!