The Beethoven Dress - Opus 24 - Spring

Now the secret sewing is finished - a week ago I gave the dress to its new proud owner.

I'm very happy that she allowed me to show some pictures of her wearing the dress, because it just looks so awesome on her!

My good friend S. studied the violin and is now officially "Master of Arts".

Congratulations again, we're so proud!

She gave a concert were she played all the stuff she prepared for her final exam, including the really beautiful Beethoven Sonata "Spring" (Opus 24).
And it just struck me. Sitting there in this small church listening to her really touching interpretation of Spring, I knew it: I had to sew a dress.

I gave the whole thing a lot of thought, everything is really exactly like I imagined. Beethoven's Sonata fits so well to S's start to a new life, life after college etc ;)

I chose the colours red-black-white for a reason:
Red - the new joy of spring after a long winter
black - the melancholy that always stays
white - it's the universal colour of eternity for me.

You see, the perfect Music for a new start to a new life...

Enough psychology, here it is:

That's what Beethovens Spring would look like, if it was a dress ;)

I presented the first drawings in the last posting, I chose the second one in the end.

The straps are adjustable. The button in the middle is just because it looks nice, it doesn't actually hold anything on place ;)

As some devoted readers might have noticed, I actually used this fabric for a dress before - Summertime for Surferbabe, remember?. But I didn't have any fabric left, so I'm very very thankful that victorien, a fellow User of Natronundsoda found the fabric for me!

Special Feature:
There's a part of the sheet music of the theme of the sonata printed on the inside of the dress, Thank you Mademoiselle Chaos for your tutorial how to print onto almost anything using not more than paint thinner, q-tips, something flat and a laser printer!
Unfortunately, it doesn't look that good on the pics. It looks really nice in real life ;)

I also made a hairbandthingy, I put some tiny beads on it. Since it's a very stretchy fabric, I had to sew every bead on its own. But it was worth it.

If you're interested in the "pattern", the dress is really not that hard to make.
You basically need just the following parts:

Stuff for the upper part: (The skirt is just a rectangle)
The lining for the back isn't shown on this pic, because I still had to print the extra feature when I took this pic ;)

If someone is interested in a detailed walk-through, please just ask. I'll make another dress using this "pattern" for myself and maybe I'll write a tutorial :)
Until now you have put up with the german-english mix ;)

I hope you like it,