Swap: wrist warmers for everyone! (look what I've got)

I totally forgot to post this.
I really thought I already did - anyway....

About a month ago I participated in another swap at the NatronundSoda community. This time we swapped wrist warmers and cuffs :)

And it was for sure one of the best swaps I ever took part in. Not only did Noctua, who I made wrist warmers for, seem to really like her present, I got something really great too.

Let's start with my new beloved arm warmers:

I wished for something simple, mainly black, functional. They should keep my hands and arms warm and look pretty. THEN I thought - well, since I recently discovered jogging to be totally cool, arm warmers fit for being outside with some functional sporty gimmick would be cool too.

And schiriki really hit it off!
I got both - really pretty cuffs that can be converted into perfect "gloves but much better than gloves" with reflector bands.

But have a look:

Knitted wrist warmers! With reflector wristbands you can take on and off in a second.

They are really long, so you can hide your fingers in them when you curl them. That's a really great idea, because I don't like wearing gloves when I'm running. My hands tend to get all hot. But like this, they are kept warm and comfy!

You can see how beautiful they are, really elegant when you take the reflector thingies off.
I really like that schiriki knitted two "borders" so the reflectors stay at their place all the time.

And they have tiny ff-holes on them, aaawww!

Thank you again, schiriki, I really really adore your present!

And here are the cuffs I made for Noctua.

To see better pictures, please check out her blog!

I was in a hurry when taking those...
She wished for shorter arm warmers, mainly black, maybe with flowers.

I instantly had a picture in my mind, but since I'm not the fastest person when it comes to crocheting, I split the cuffs:
They are made from soft and thick cotton jersey fabric with black crocheted trimmings. This way I managed to crochet and complete the task in time.

Although I did sew the trimmings onto the fabric by machine, I added some stitches in violet by hand. Also I crocheted some flowers (thanks again charly, for showing me!), one for each cuff and some spare ones just for fun.

Since I wasn't entirely sure whether Noctua would like my last idea, I decided to make the oriental wristband to take off an on how you like it:
I bought this wonderful oriental braid and then - I really don't like this, sewed it onto black cotton bias tape and added elastic ribbon- by hand. So you can't see the stitches on the outside. I think this part took me nearly as long as crocheting the trimmings *lol*

And I'm proud that you actually can't really see that this is where the ribbon is sewn together - I managed to sew them without irritating the pattern.

And the flowers:
The flower should be at the outside of the hand, on the left side (in the pic) there's an extra hole for the thumb.

I hope you like them :)