Opulent necklace

Listening to baroque music always puts me in a funny mood. I think of all the big palaces, the incredible amounts of money used for decoration, dresses, churches...

So, being in this "baroque" mood I made a really opulent necklace myself.

I won't wear it because it's just too much for me *grin* but I think I know someone who would be perfect for this necklace.

I used my beloved stone pieces, black roccailles, lilac artificial stones and an artificial "pearl", 4 hämatit cubes and pink and silver wire.
All in all the necklace contains 8 seperate strings, I always put three together so I now have a necklace with 3 strings in different lengths.

And last week I made this necklace as a birthday present for a friend, using the same beads and added black artificial tear-shaped beads.
You can wear it as a bracelet too, if you have small hands ;)


Look what I've got!

Since I don't have any finished projects at the moment (but I'm eagerly working!), I thought I could show you some of the beautiful things I've got.

Felted Handwarmers with Jersey Lining
My mother got me those for St. Nicholas' Day. She bought them at this sweet shop here. "Colino".
They are soo cute, and warm and cozy *heart*

Button Necklace
My Grandma (she's the best) got me this really cool necklace. She bought it at a crafts-christmas-market-thingy, and, as always, she picked out something for me exactly my taste. It's both old and traditional and new and funky ;)
The necklace is crocheted, and every other loop a button is sewed in. It looks gorgeous, but is really heavy, I have to practice wearing it *g*

And since my grandma noticed, that she actually owns some buttons that were also used in the necklace, she gave some of her old traditional buttons to me :)
aaah, I think they will find some really nice new homes on my clothes!

Secret Santa Bags
The sweet FragileDreams made two wonderful toiletry-bags for me. Both really cute, goth and black and white *love*
The smaller one is made of plain black fabric and the white-black ikea twine fabric as lining. And it has a ribbon with a clef on it!
The big one is made of jacquard-like fabric and blackandwhite stripes fabric :) And she made a beautiful kitschy flower brooche, I think I will wear it, it's too cute to be seen "only" on a bag.
Thanks again!

I managed to claim this beautiful hat pin giveaway made by ParaNoire. The detailed pics are to be seen in her Blogentry.
I'm very happy with it, and I already made some pics to proof it *g* Denocte au naturel, without makeup and everything *g* (and feeling very funny. haha)

Thanks for those great gifts!