her heart beats for austria

Finally I'm back in Austria. Home sweet Home. BUT - my very best friend moves to Kopenhagen next week! ahhh! No!
We've been apart for 3,5years and now AGAIN we won't be able to see each other! (ok, she'll come back in 6 months. but anyway, not fair!)

Since I wanted to give her something that reminds her of me I did a little sewing yesterday and made this cute little plushie:

Just for you, darling, love you!

I used darkred thin cotton fabric, some white cotton lace, offwhite flowerthingies and a darling little button shaped like a cottage in the alps.
Very sound of music, isn't it?

I'm gonna miss you so much!


I am from Austria

Hello World,

aaaah, being back feels great!
Although it was really exhausting, everything is in the right place now, my sewing machines found their new home, our cats like the new couch (so do we!), the apartment turned out really fine.

But all those weeks of not being able to sew, knit, being creative were horrible!
I'm glad that now I can sew clothes again - not curtains (although I love our new curtains <3)

But we couldn't have done it without the great help our families were.
So as a small token of gratitude we prepared a little something for everyone of our 8 very brave knights:

First I dyed the bags from beige to dark lilac. Then mr.Denocte prepared a map of Austria and pencilled in the route. NOW - I'm so not good at stencilling, we used this picture as a stencil.
It's not perfect, but I think it looks nice :)
Every bag contained a small bottle of wine (red, white, rose), some raffaellos, some mercis and either some Lindt-Pralinés or those darling little Tool-Sets.

Thanks again to all who helped us make our moving day this smooth!

See you soon,