Christmas Swap

Well, I haven't been here for a while :(

Due to a lot of exams and tests in college I had to cut down on my sewing time.
Anyway, there's a tiny teeny little thing I made and I can finally show it now :)

I participated in NatronundSodas Christmas Swap/Secret Santa, and picked a nice little wish.

A user wished for a dress for her babygirl, a bit christmas-cute-kitschy.

That's the perfect wish for me!

So I've managed to find this cute candy fabric in my friends drawer (thanks honey!) and I made a tiny candygirl dress.

The top has got some lining with bats on it, I bought the fabric in Helsinki last summer and it's so cute!
The skirt part is made from thick nice cotton jersey.

I added some big stitches per Hand because I think it's very cute having the pink yarn on the dark grey Bat-Fabric:

The straps are fastened with braces.
It's a baaaat world!

Extremely cute Candy fabric:

And I've got a very cute bag from Giftzwergin to transport my music sheets for my cello lessons.
But it's so great, I'll use it for other stuff too ;)


Marie thinks it would be a nice sleeping bag. No, darling. No ;)

Thank you for the beautiful bag!