Anna Plochl wants to dance

Yes I'm still alive.

And I'm still sewing.

But I just never never have pictures taken of the things I sew - a pity!

Last week I did a little "tournee": starting in Linz, to Vienna, to Hamburg, to Berlin - meeting a lot of friends old and new and going out.
A bit more than I'm used to.

In Vienna we spent one evening at the Vienna Steampunk Revue, and since I don't like "the S-Word" I don't own any S-Clothing, but there was formal evening wear accepted so the perfect excuse to wear my ball gown:

The Anna Plochl Cathedral memory gown.

Anna Plochl was married to Austrian archduke Johann in 1829, wearing this beautiful beautiful dress.
I'm in love. So I did shape this dress after the pictures we have of Anna Plochl, and the dress that Austrian traditional clothing company Gössl made a couple of years ago.

The bodice is made from cotton lining and a very strange but beautiful fabric with velvet flowers on it and silver glitter.
The skirt is this "I don't look like poly but I am" fabric with the most awesome print I've ever seen, it always reminds me of church windows or the arches of cathedrals or alike. Love it.

The blouse is the one I made for my last dirndl dress (yes it's finished, I just don't have any pics... gna) and I wear the most awesome shoes ever made:

It was a great evening, thank you girls for being such great company.


Dirndl Accessoire!

Well, the Dress and the Blouse are finished, the apron is nearly done - just have to sew the hem.
I even ironed the dress. so very proud ;)

I figured I'll just post pics when it's all done, hopefully someone can take some pics all dressed up.

But I made another accessoire to wear with the dress:
This cute brooche. I do have some problems with it, because the corners tend to roll up :(
Any Ideas how to prevent them from doing so?
Or do I have to sew some other non flexible material to the back?

This beautiful piece was a birthday present, I got it the same day I got the fabric for this dress. Destiny!

And of course I had much help. Cats dragging my dress all around the living room to cuddle up underneath the couch with it. hmpf.

At the moment I'm trying to apply those false eyelashes with feathers... but it always looks... strange. Don't know whether it's me or the lashes ;)



meeeh. stupid me.

things I hate:
finding out that I ruffled the apron way too much and it's really to narrow for me now.

Which means I have to ruffle this once more. gna.

But at least I nearly finished the blouse and now I REALLY need to speed.
Don't have that much time left.

Rant Posting, I know ;)

Next one will have pictures, I promise.


Dirndl Progress: Button up Buttercup

Happy New Year everybody!

I feel I need deadlines for my sewing, so I decided to finish the Dirndl in the next two weeks because then I'll go out dancing and I love the idea of combining the traditional but dark Dirndl Dress with high boots and stuff and crash a goth party.
Love the idea. LOVE.

And I LOVE the colour scheme of this dress!
When trying it on I just noticed a funny coincidence - it's got the same colours as the Curvy Kate Tease Me Bra in Purple/Black which I just reviewed in my german bra-blog kurvendiskussionen.
Me likes!

So, what happened so far?

I finished the bias progress. Finally. I finished the top, sewn top and skirt together.
Had some problems with the overlapping parts of the skirt though, but I won ;)

Maybe because I had such great help.

I chose buttons for the dress, better, a lot of friends helped me decide which ones to take.
I just couldn't!

In the end I took the ones on the far left and could try the dress on *love*

Now I've already sewn the button holes, and there's not a lot more left:

Sewing the buttons onto the top, adjusting the length, getting rid of all the thread ends, adding to clip-buttons to the overlapping skirt opening.

Then I'll finish the apron, and then... I need a blouse too.... ohhh, tight schedule...