Anna Plochl wants to dance

Yes I'm still alive.

And I'm still sewing.

But I just never never have pictures taken of the things I sew - a pity!

Last week I did a little "tournee": starting in Linz, to Vienna, to Hamburg, to Berlin - meeting a lot of friends old and new and going out.
A bit more than I'm used to.

In Vienna we spent one evening at the Vienna Steampunk Revue, and since I don't like "the S-Word" I don't own any S-Clothing, but there was formal evening wear accepted so the perfect excuse to wear my ball gown:

The Anna Plochl Cathedral memory gown.

Anna Plochl was married to Austrian archduke Johann in 1829, wearing this beautiful beautiful dress.
I'm in love. So I did shape this dress after the pictures we have of Anna Plochl, and the dress that Austrian traditional clothing company Gössl made a couple of years ago.

The bodice is made from cotton lining and a very strange but beautiful fabric with velvet flowers on it and silver glitter.
The skirt is this "I don't look like poly but I am" fabric with the most awesome print I've ever seen, it always reminds me of church windows or the arches of cathedrals or alike. Love it.

The blouse is the one I made for my last dirndl dress (yes it's finished, I just don't have any pics... gna) and I wear the most awesome shoes ever made:

It was a great evening, thank you girls for being such great company.


  1. Einfach zu schön! Ich bin ganz begeistert. =)

  2. Your Anna Plochl Cathedral memory gown is spectacularly beautiful and elegant! The fabrics look exquisite and the tailoring is superb. I love the photos of you in your haute couture accompanied by your lovely friends.