meow, must eat fabric.

why I don't post this much these days:

First of all, we'll move back to Austria in 15 days. (aaah, so soon!)
So there's a lot of stuff to do.
Packing, sewing curtains, planning where to put the new furniture, searching for new furniture ;)

And second, two furry little babies try to "help" me with everything I want to do.
Well, not always helping, but sure it's fun!

Great help. Really.


Summertime for Surferbabe

Haha, I went colourcrazy!
Due to longlasting problems with my back I can't kneel on the floor cutting out patterns.
So I "invented" a lot of "patterns" for dresses and skirts which contain just rectangles and simple stuff like that!

That way it's easy for me to cut.
Sewing and everything I can do on a desk goes ok with my back, so I tried to make the best out of this simple patterns.

And I have to say - I loove my new colourful dresses and skirts!

They are just so perfect for summer, my alter ego may be a surferbabe *lol*

Pink-Violet cotton Skirt

Red-Black Leo Print Cotton Jersey Infinity Dress

Venice Print Cotton Jersey Infinity Dress
(yes, that's gondolas and the doge's palace on the print *aaaaw*)

White-pink-violet striped cotton dress

Flower Print Cotton Jersey Dress

Have a nice Weekend!


Nostalgia - Me four years ago

I just found this wonderful picture when trying to reduce the chaos in my files and flat ;)

This was taken on the evening of my "Maturaball", the formal ball in the last year of highschool.
My dancepartner on the pic and me did the last figure of our latin-american dancepart, when a photographer caught this moment - good job I think ;)