Apron and Blouse fabric :)

I found some lovely fabric at the local Heimatwerk store, perfect for my apron and at least the sleeves of my blouse.

Very thin and slightly transparent black poly fabric with tiny velvet flowers on it.

Love it!

With my wonderful model Isaac :)

And I already started to ruffle the apron yesterday :)

 I'm so excited, this fabric is just so perfect!



my little princess

On monday I made a baby sweatshirt and two bibs.
Very girly, very me, very PINK!

My cute little princess *heart*

It's my first baby jersey shirt, so there are still some little *hmm* bugs in it ;)
Like, sewing the overlapping overlock seam right in the back of the seam, where you can totally see it^^

But nevertheless I like the shirt. I used a pattern of some Ottobre mag earlier this year, provided by her mother.
She sews a lot of really awesome stuff too, I just provide some pink (and later a bit goth ;) ) material for the girls wardrobe!

And two not very spectacular bibs, I bought the fabrics in Helsinki especially for sewing "something cute" for the princess. They did have a lot of really cute fabrics for patchworking and stuff, but I don't do any patchwork (yet).

I reaally liked the Disney picture "kiss the frog". Note: Buy DVD!

I hope the mother and princess will be happy with my stuff :)



Dirndl Mock Up: It's a Dress!

Yesterday I pinned the top and the skirt together to just try it on and have a look, whether I'm on the right trip or not.

And, yes, it does look right :)

I spare you the pics of me wearing it, furthermore there aren't any buttons in it yet so I always need both hands to hold the dress on its place - no hand left for taking pictures *grin*




Next thing I have to do:
Make A LOT of bias tape and finish the front and back parts of the top before sewing them together.
Then add the skirt, add some buttons and sew an apron.

If you read it, it does sound very small work left... but finishing the top will take me some time I guess. And choosing which buttons I want will take a lot of work too^^

Oh, and buying fabric for the apron. It should be black, but that's all I know for now.

And buying fabric for the blouse. Again, should be black, but what fabric? Chiffon? Nice thin cotton? Help?




New WiP, Dirndl it is again!

One might say that because I recently made a Dirndl Dress, I'd need some kind of pause before sewing the next one.

Well, no.
There seems to be a strange kind of addiction to Dirndl Dresses. I just can't stop thinking about new models and designs and patterns!

But this Dirndl is a premiere for me to, it's not a traditional Dress, but more a fashion Dirndl.
I do use a traditional pattern though, but the colours are all modern this time.

And I shortened it, too. Not this horrible modern "Dirndl-Oktoberfest-Crap", you can buy on ebay or in Japan, - length, but just kneelength.

The pattern I use is another Innviertler Dress, but not the same I used for my Ikara Dress.

This one will be similar to the Rieder Festtagstracht, the red Dress in the picture:

For my birthday I got the fabrics for the dress, and the brooche will go lovely with them:

I already started with the top, altered it to my size

and tried how it looks with braids.

In order to decrease the very unflattering plaits of taffeta which I'll use for the skirt, I won't ruffle ("stifteln) the skirt but will fold it in rather large plaits, every plait overlapping the next one about one half of its length. This and some extra weight in the seam should hopefully prevent me from looking like a giant cupcake. hm.

And I'll finally get to wear my Lorien Necklace from "Die Perlenzwerge" <3

Have a nice weekend, enjoy the lovely weather!


Recycling, Military, Nerd, Cliché - I like!

First of all: No more braces for Denocte ;) Yay!

All the years I'm in the subculture now there are a few things I've never worn.
e.g. torn tights with holes and stuff on my arms. Or hotpants with some kind of stockings.
And I've never put some functional stuff, like gears or components on clothing, just because it looks good (which, to be honest, it just doesn't in most cases.)

Until this weekend ;)
This weekend I thought I could embrace cliché for once and celebrate that I finally got rid of my braces.
Because, to be honest, a military end of the world outfit just works a lot better without teenagerbraces in your mouth.

All started with this ring.
It's really simple, I just glued a CPU onto a ring. But I just love it! It's cute, and cool, and you can wear it in everyday live as well as in the evenings when going out.

But, then, problem: I didn't have any outfit to go with the ring. So the whole "doing stuff I've never done before" thing started.
I upcycled an old corset of mine. I've sewn it 5 yrs ago, worn it once. It's too small now around the hips, but we can fix that ;)
Originally it was just plain satin camouflage fabric, half bust. When I was done with it it looked like this:

I added some leather clasps in the front, a lot of studs, tulle and straps. left and right I just cut the corset open with zig-zag scissors and added a "lining" made from tulle. Hips-problem solved.

The colours of the rest of my components are in perfect harmony with my corset, don't you think ;)

An some of the straps I strapped on the, perfectly ruined, cut off jeans pants.


The upper part of the Jeans was my handbag for the night, which can be worn over your shoulder as well as around your hips to ensure maximum comfort while dancing.
And I added some stuff too. Simply black is not enough for this night ;)

I hope you like it, it was a totally new experience for me to actually destroy something I've sewn. But I liked wearing it, so I think it was worth it.