have a folky birthday

It was my birthday yesterday and I had a little party, thanks a lot to all the wonderful people celebrating with me!

Besides the really nice party I got a lot of really awesome presents too.

Two presents I just have to show you because they are kinda folky too (my Dirndl is nearly finished btw!)

I got two wonderful silk fabrics enough to sew another Dirndl Dress - I just have to buy fabric for the apron. The lilac will be the skirt and the wonderful ornament black one the top.


My friend E. brought another wonderful gift. A beautiful silver box (heartshaped, aaawww!) with... this little cameo in it.

It's so incredible beautiful. Thank you. I love you darling!

Btw: Notice that the pic isn't all blurry?

That's another birthday present. A brandnew tripod AND a flashlight for my cam. Best BF in the world.

*hugs and kisses to all my friends*