goodbye, violin. no to prodigies!

I'm proud to present the Goodbye, Violin Outfit I made a couple of months ago.
I wanted to wear it to an Emilie Autumn concert, unfortunately she got ill and the concert was cancelled.
Since then I lost some weight, so the corset doesn't fit anymore now :(
On the pics it's a bit too big too, so cut me some slack please ;)
But I do have some pics for you.

The shooting was a way to say goodbye to playing the violin, which I stopped this year :)

Thanks to Birgit Pichler Photography for the wonderful pictures!

The outfit contains:
The Bolero-sleeves-thingy:
Made from some rough woolly fabric with blue flowers woven in it.

The Corset:
The fanciest I ever made.
Made from beige cotton Satin, offwhite lace and the same woolly fabric as above. Add some laces and ribbons and there it is!

The Underskirts
Two of them, my grandma gave them to me. She wore them when she was young :)

The Skirt:
a simple Skirt made from some really cool fabric I swapped, with silver lurex woven in it.
There is a rabbit-heart brooche
on it, matching the rabbit buttons on the back of the skirt
and the

Rabbit Purse
Simple and girly!

bought them, but spiced them up with fabric straps so they match.