Merry Christmas! and the reallyreally easy christmas dress.

Merry Christmas to all my blogreaders!

I hope you all had a great time with you families.
In my family, christmas is a very important holiday. So it's also important to look nice :)
WEll, this year I kind of forgot, that I didn't really have a nice dress that would look good near a christmas tree and all the christmas cookies. So I thought I had to wear a nice pair of pants and some nice pullover.
Buuut somewhere around the 17th of december i stumblet upon this great fabric. It's just born to be a dress. Since its partly gathered/crinkled it's very elastic on this side.

So without much effort I made this very winterwonderlandy dress:

Butterfly :)



drumrrrroll - new clock for our livingroom

We've got a new clock!
After two years it was about time.

We saw a really amazing clock in the "Drumhouse" Shop and decided to make one for our livingroom.

We (so to say: My BF and me, I think my BF actually did all the work, I just sat there and was nice to look at XD ) bought a clock unit and a 8" drumhead and *rrrr* <- drumroll Here it is! Our new clock :)

And of course, Isaac had to help us taking the pics: