Teaser: bra-tagged!

I spent time I really didn't have on thursday to make something very cute, girly and completely insane.
Well, at least it should be useful on the weekend.

I'll show you more pics and a little bit of meaning behind this insanity later this week ;), now I'm off to a very important meeting *mysterious face*

cat camouflage skirt

After altering it shortening the hemline A LOT, I finished my very simple cuddly skirt today.

First I've sewn a broad hem, but I didn't really like the look and the length made me look a bit... broad. hm.

So I shortened it, it's now very short but I think it does look very nice with a pair of leggings underneath and boots.

But I look really young when wearing it, I think^^ And maybe it's the curly hair too. Strange.

And the colour is exaaactly as Marie's fur! I actually was looking for her today for some time, until I found her curled up in some of the fabric *heart*

Soooo, I have a lot more of the fabric. What to sew next? :D



Overknee Nr. One - Knitting Thursday

And once again I had a wonderful day of knitting in college today.

My first Overknee is done! It looks kinda strange, but I plan to wear them underneath skirts, so you won't see the upper end anyway.

I originally planned to make them a bit longer, but I fear that I haven't got enough wool for this so I stopped at a final length of 53cm.

And I started with the second overknee, current length 7cm.

Meow. Help you. Meow.

 Meow. Tired. Helping is exhausting.

Yes, biting marks in my 4,5 needles (you can see the second overknee)

This tiny needle wasn't lucky...

Nevertheless I love my cats :)




bias progress

A liiiittle progress with my dirndl.
I started finishing the neckline with bias tape, ergo sewing per mano again. I kind of like it now.
It's very... relaxing in some ways :)

Ok, so I've already sewn the bias tape to the neckline last time.
Next step is folding the tape around the seam allowances (if they aren't narrow enough, cut them back, I already left very little seam allowance on the neckline from the beginning), and pin it with some needles.

Iron it.

Remove the pin needles piece by piece and fold the bias tape so you get a nice seam on the inside too and don't see any seam allowances anymore.
Insert the needles again.

Since there are many nice tutorials how to make and attach bias tape (e.g. this one)out there, I spare you of my drawing skills ;)

I will open the seam on the V-cut neckline again, it's a bit crooked atm. But I'll change it soon ;)

Isn't this fabric just WONDERFUL?
With flashlight:

And without:

And, help me pleeease:

I'm just noticing, the dress does look lovely with my fake-fur sheepskin... Maybe I should sew some winter scarf or something to wear with the dress? 

Or is it just me in my "can't wait to have snow here" delusion?

And tomorrow is knitting thursday again, yay!
I hope my cats haven't eaten all my knitting needles yet. They really seem to love my bamboo needles.
(and yes, I keep my knitting out of their way, but they tend to be very creative when it comes to open stuff they are NOT supposed to....)

Cu tomorrow,