I made the perfect bra...

... or at least I'm on the right track.

After about 5 tryouts I finally found the right basic pattern for a bra in my right size!
I'm so happy!

Now I can sew a lot of fitting bras for myself.

Here's the first one, rather unspectacular but I like it:

What I used:
powernet for the cups
cotton fabric for the cups and the band
some lace with velvet flowers for the edges of the cups
a ton of different dessous elastics, band for the underwire, bra hooks and some ribbons and cute stuff.
If you want to sew bras or other dessous too, I highly recommend this shop: wien2002.at.
Nice prices and a loooot of stuff in so many colours!
Why am I so goth again? *lol*

On the left: I loooove my twin needle, it's so useful when sewing elastic things together. on the right: Me so proud - I didn't use my twin needle for those two seams (stitchings?) because then the underwire wouldn't fit any more. So I sewed them separately. And they don't look that crooked.

different elastic bands

the cute ribbon on the sides

the black ribbon with a tiny keyring with keys dangling in the middle *heart*

Yes, it's a cup!

And the beautiful fabric.


one thing I love about...

...not being a craftswoman anymore:
I can be very girly about my nails: Let them grow and paint them and design and whatever^^
Couldn't do that when working in the workshop all day with wood and tools etc.

Looking at the bright side of life.


more boots *heart*

I wrote about knitting socks for friends' babies here
Here's the next load:

And I'm knitting on and on ^^


flowershirt and everyday skirt. and bag.

And on we go!

I bought this really vintage-y and kitschy fabric last summer, I think I wanted to sew a skirt. aaahm, I tried, it always looked grannylike. hm.
So I added some elastic band under- and overbust and a black velvet "belt" thingy: et voilà, totally wearable!

On the pic my sis is wearing the stuff, originally I made both for me.
Well. The top looks so much better on her... I think I'll maybe add some shoulder straps and give it to her. *sniff*

The skirt is a very simple pattern, perfect to wear everyday. What looks like green stripes are actually fabric straps and ruffles sewn onto the black fabric, I really had to have it! Looks spectacular without me having done anything special^^

Oh, and there's the matching tiny bag made from the same fabric, big enough for the important things (money, hankies, keys..) but small enough to fit into another purse if there's need to.


Alternative Princess

My sister graduated from High School this year.
Traditionally, in Austria there's a big formal for the students the winter before they graduate.
So - perfect excuse to sew a nice ball gown!
Since my sis and me always want things a bit different, we soon decided that I should sew her dress.
It contains about... 26 (?) metres of fabric... Because, idiot I am, I made a petticoat instead of a petti-crinoline-combination.

Well: There's the white tulle petti with pink leopard print lining (we're girls! there's got to be something pink!),
a violet satin skirt and a grey/silver organza overcoat with violet biasbinding seams, I'm very happy that I own an extra utensil for sewing this thanks,
and the corset, made from this wonderful black velvet with violet flowers and leaves and silver glitter on it *love*

Enough words, here are the pictures:

There's a skirt under the skirt under the skirt... omg - neverending tulle...

aha, that's nature... okay, and now?

And now some fun stuff:
Ever saw princess Leia with Dreads, Shades and arrogant face *grin*
We had so much fun!


Black summer dress

Shocking: Me, goth-girlie, didn't own a black summer dress! aaaah!
To improve my trveness I bought this wonderful black jersey fabric with cute little flowers on it.
Again I used my "only rectangles allowed" pattern and made this really comfy summer dress.

I really liked posing^^

Dance with somebody *hm*

I made this cute belt to wear with this dress:
More pics in this blogentry

greets, denocte


I won ;)

Look what I've got!

Those who know me are aware of my situation and know that I had six quite rough months.

But somehow everything seems to, well, get better and my life is getting more and more „ordinary“ every day – the good kind of ordinary ;) that keeps you healthy and friendly and prevents you from doing stupid things.

Furthermore I'm so lucky these days!

Last week I didn't only win a pair of Esprit Jeans and got a job, I also won the great giveaway from talented Steampunk artist „LadyLamb“, who was featured in Marysews Blog.

I entered the contest and really won!

The price was a 13$ voucher for LadyLambs etsy shop. Although I couldn't really decide, all her stuff is just so cool, in the end I chose this beautiful and funny Airship gear necklace.

I loooove the idea!

Thank you so much, both of you!

I wore it yesterday and everyone was looking at the necklace.

I heard „where did you buy this?“ about 4 times ;) (Always proudly referring to you!)

Keep on doing what you're doing, you're doing great ;)