Säumchentracht: Yay, I can try it on!

I'm very busy sewing and planning and beading and designing my traditional dress.
It's going really well, *don't jinx it*, the top parts are nearly done.

Fixing everything with basting thread is a great method, if you're using pin needles it won't be this precise.
Since for those dresses you work with both outer fabric and lining as one layer, I fixed them with basting thread too.
Between the two parts of the back I added linnen piping, made from the lovely dark blue linnen and a long woven thread.

I also started sewing thousands of tiny beads onto the soon-to-be sun: I managed to get a grip on those lovely fabrics, the yellow one for the sun, the blue one for the ocean. I looove that they have the same printing <3

I hope you like it, 

Yours, Denocte :)

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